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Dry rot, wet rot, rising damp walls, condensation and woodworm are all problems that our experts can solve, making basements safe and habitable for everyone. We can protect your home as we are long term members of the Property Care Association (PCA).

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What is Basement/Cellar Tanking?

Basement tanking refers to the water proofing measures that must be in place to ensure basements and cellars are resistant to water entering, or dampness. Basement damp proofing is a crucial process because damp basements can lead to mould growth and a host of other health issues. As such, if you have a basement, it is important that you consider getting the basement tanked in order for it to be comfortable for any kind of use.

There are two main types of basement damp proofing: internal insulation and lining, and external basement tanking.

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Where Can You Use Basement Damp Proofing to Prevent Damp Problems?

If you have a damp problem, you might be considering damp proofing it. Tanking a basement is a way of making it watertight so that water can’t pass through the walls. There are several different types of basement damp proofing system and these days, the most commonly used type is that which uses a liquid waterproof coat to treat the inside walls of the basement.

Cellars and basements that are below ground are susceptible to damp. If your basement has rising damp or penetrating damp coming through the wall, repairing the wall with a waterproof coating can stop this issue in its tracks and protect your home from structural damage.

Need help with the design of a basement conversion or want to reinforce the integrity of your property’s foundations? Call us today on 01273 257877. Our team specialises in plastering, dry rot, wet rot, rising damp and woodworm treatments, making basements safe and habitable for all.

Why Do You Need Basement Damp Proofing Services in Your Property?

Basement damp proofing is the tried and trusted method of making your basement or cellar waterproof. Damp proofing helps in mould control and will protect your building from the risk of water ingress, rising damp, flood damage, and the accompanying structural damage. It can even increase the value of your property if you are looking to sell in the future. Below are some other benefits of basement damp proofing for your building:

Prevent Flooding

The first and most important reason to get basement damp proofing services is it prevents flooding. Basement flooding can cause a range of issues and many complications. This includes damage to the building, mould growth and much more. Think about all the important things you store in your basement. … Prevention is always better than cure, so don’t wait for the problem to occur and get your basement tanked immediately!

Lower Energy Costs

You can expect a warm, cosy home when you have basement damp proofing installed on your home or office. Due to the fact that this particular material does act as excellent insulation, leaving your wall and floors warmer during the cold months, you can expect your energy bills to be lower than before. After all, you will not need to turn up that central heating as high with this material in place!

Increase The Value Of Your Property

A damp and leaky basement can seriously detract from the value of your house. With basement damp proofing you will not only be able to increase the value of your home, but you will also have an opportunity to add extra living space – this is vital these days when there is so much competition for a private space.

Protect Your Property’s Structure

A damp basement can be a real problem for homeowners. Floors and walls will become waterlogged, leading to potential structural damage. This will mean the building is left with serious problems that you don’t want to ignore. Calling out an expert team is the only way to avoid these issues from plaguing your home in the long run. Basement tanking – concrete or brick walls will be coated with a special water proofing material so that water simply can’t go through it.

Reduces Repair Costs

One of the important benefits of basement damp proofing is it can significantly reduce future repair costs. Basement damp proofing ensures that your property is set up in a way that protects it against water damage. By installing the right waterproofing systems, you will be able to extend the lifespan of your property and ensure that you have a warm and dry home and not dealing with water damage and damp issues in the future.

Avoid the long-term health problems that come with dampness

Having dampness in your basement is no laughing matter. Not only does it look unattractive, it can also lead to long-term health problems like asthma and other respiratory issues. Tanking a room may help control mould and damp issues while also preventing water from infiltrating your home. It’s essential in a basement conversions of already existing basement.

In order to fix this problem, you should invest in basement damp proofing services as soon as possible.

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How is a Basement Tanked?

The Basement Tank process is one of the most reliable ways to build up a basement wall and waterproof it on the inside. There are two different ways we can do this, by using an Intrusion Membrane or a Tanked Membrane. Depending on the size of your property, and how many walls there are in your basement, you could choose either option. The process usually includes:

Install a drainage system for the cavity

The first step is to install drainage systems for the cavity. This might mean installing weeping tiles along the basement floor or masonry walls that have been dug out far enough to prevent water from entering your home. These weeping tiles are perforated pipes, which channel water toward a sump pump.

Tanking the cellar

When the cellar has been excavated, dug and caved; it’s time to install the watertight coat. This final operation will prevent water from penetrating through the walls into the cellar. Two types of waterproofing can be installed: an external coat (anti-humid mortar) or an internal tanking (injectable compound). The soil of your region and the type of cellar that you own will dictate the chosen system. Some contractors use tanking slurry, a powder mixed with water, as a sealant. In our experience, cavity drain membranes deal with high water pressures much better than tanking slurry.

Why Choose Brighton Plastering Services For Your Damp Proofing Systems Installation?

Choosing a waterproofing contractor can sometimes be a daunting task. So you need to know the right credentials and why you should use Brighton Plastering Services to make your house damp free. All of our certified technicians have years of experience in waterproofing basements and crawl spaces, repairing foundations, as well as installing sump pumps and dehumidifiers to the highest standards. Below are more reasons to choose us:

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Is Tanking waterproof?

Of course! All basement damp proofing materials we use are completely waterproof. Foundation support products could replace your cavity drain membrane systems if the tanking is leaking into the basement.

Can basement damp proofing fail?

When the tanking system has failed, it will appear wet and there will be water seepage in the basement. A tanking system can fail if it is not installed properly if the walls are cracked or damaged if there has been an extreme amount of flooding or moisture in any part or all of the basement, or when the system malfunctions due to some other unforeseen reason such as poor maintenance

Does tanking stop water ingress?

Yes, It can stop water ingress. At Brighton Plastering Services we rely on tried and tested solutions, underpinned by traditional masonry repair methods to keep your grounds, premises, and structures leak-free.

What is internal tanking?

Internal basement tanking is a process that involves the application of waterproofing products to the internal walls and floor of your property, often in conjunction with the installation of a sump pump to remove any water that manages to seep through. By applying these products and sealing your basement, you protect your property from water damage, making it more habitable and potentially increasing its value.

What is external tanking?

External basement tanking refers to a damp proof membrane that completely seals the outside of a building to prevent water from entering. This waterproofing system acts as a thick, durable ‘skin’ attached to the outside walls and surrounding soil of the basement.

What are cavity drainage systems?

Cavity drainage systems or “type C” waterproofing usually utilise pre-formed high density drainage membranes, channels and sump chamber. These are designed so as to direct any water entering back out in a controlled and managed way. Typically cavity drain membranes are installed to the walls and floors these direct water into drainage channels. The channels then allow water to be directed to sumps or drains so that it can be removed safely from the building. Cavity drain membranes provide an alternative to conventional cementitious tanking system.

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