Looking for reliable, quality plastering and rendering services perfect for residential and commercial projects in Brighton? Then look no further than Brighton Plastering Services! We are proud to offer a range of plastering services to ensure that you get the high-quality finish you deserve. Below are our major home improvement services in Brighton and the surrounding East and West Sussex areas:

Replastering Damp Walls

If your walls look like they’re covered in mildew then you may want to bring in experts! Our local plasterers can replaster damp walls and get the place looking fresh again. All domestic areas, regardless of how large or small, can be replastered by skilled craftsmen from Brighton Plastering ServicesX Ltd.

Basement Water Proof Tanking

We provide basement waterproofing services to customers in Brighton and surrounding areas. Install and waterproof your basement or crawlspace with a layer of polyurethane caulk from us. We offer one-coat, two-coat, and three-coat waterproofing to your home.

Damp Proof Plastering

Brighton Plastering Services specialises in damp proof plastering. If you have a damp problem in your home or want to ensure that it won’t happen in the future then call us. We’ll come and assess your problem, recommend the best course of action, and fix it.

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Coving & Crevices Plastering Services

We can fix unsightly small holes or cavities. Our plastering services also include re-creating the traditional look of your plaster walls, ceilings and insides of rooms; eliminating drafts, repairing damaged areas, and adding architectural detailing. Coving services include new coving and off-set ceiling niche repairs, decking and pigeon holes repair, or leaving the existing casing for added effect in the surrounding plasterwork.

ARTEX Covering Services

Have you got Artex on your property? We are experts in the removal of Artex, and the repair of walls, in a cost-effective manner. All work is carried out to current Health & Safety guidelines. Work guaranteed.

Dry lining services

We offer a number of dry lining services that are second to none. Our dry lining/construction team have over 15 years of experience so you can be sure your project will be completed to a high standard every time.

Emergency Plastering

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to deal with all plastering emergencies. So if you have an urgent Plastering problem that needs fixing now, please get in touch and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.

Plasterboarding Services

Plasterboard is one of the most common construction materials used in homes and businesses alike. No matter how big or small your project may be, we can offer you a variety of plasterboard services throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Decorative coloured rendering

Decorative coloured rendering is applied to exteriors of historic buildings, older dwellings, and some modern buildings, where the aesthetics of a patterned surface is desired. We do much more than simply use materials to carry out the job – we have a wealth of advice and experience to make your home appear spectacular.

Want to get a free quotation for your house rendering in Brighton? Let us know what you require. We arrange full quotations for each project, based on a site visit and survey so we can give an accurate price. Contact us today on 01273 257877 for more details.

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Italian Plastering

Italian plastering, also known as Venetian plasterwork and Italianate plasterwork, is a type of decorative plasterwork and stucco work that was popular in England from the 17th century. Like many features at the time, this kind of plaster was inspired by Italian architecture. Also referred to as decorative work, features include moulded stucco applied over wood or iron and often painted. This form of decoration was originally applied to classical style buildings as a finish for structural elements such as capitals and attached plinths.

Venetian marble & polished plaster services

​Venetian Plaster brings a completely modern look to your home. This is the newest, most popular way to create a richly textured and contemporary interior finish, in a range of colours to match your decor. Our team can actually create any colour for you, taking into consideration the lightness or darkness desired. We are experts in using Venetian plaster techniques and we will help you create a new beautiful space in your home.

External Wall Rendering Services

We will create exterior walls rendering for you to improve the appearance of any property that is not rendered. Unlike paint, a render will protect your property and last for years, even through wet weather and high winds. External wall insulation will reduce heat loss in your home and therefore help you save money over time on your energy bills as well as lowering CO2 emissions. The cement render will also reduce the need for re-painting over time. Get in touch for your complete range of rendering in Brighton, East Sussex.

Plaster Repairs

A building’s lath and plaster are often just as important and valuable as the bricks, concrete and wood that make it up. Over time, plasters and lathes can deteriorate or become damaged due to water leaking through the ceiling or cracks in the wall. Brighton Plastering Services can help with all your plasterwork repairs, putting right any signs of deterioration and ensuring that your home or office looks its best.

Screeding Services

Screeding is a topical mixture of cement and sand used in masonry and plastering to achieve a smooth, even finish. Screeds are super placed to create a smooth final result as your walls take shape. We provide many different types of screeds to ensure you get the finish you want.

Render Repairs

Our plasterers repair damaged areas of external plasterwork. If your rendering is looking old and tired, we can give it a whole new look. Our plasterers are skilled craftsmen who have been plastering for many years and they will provide a first-class quality service.

Commercial Plastering

At Brighton Plastering Services, we have over twenty years of experience working in commercial plastering and joinery across Brighton & Hove Schools, Hospitals and Commercial buildings. Our home improvement services are capable of delivering above-and-beyond results for commercial and residential projects. The artistry is done by our exceptionally talented finishing crew that can work with you to create the home of your dreams.

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Multi-Finish Plastering

Multi-Finish Plastering is a popular technique for making walls look like a variety of different finishes such as sandstone, marble, limestone and brickwork. The process involves plastering your walls with several different coloured plasters, giving them a textured feel and appearance. Our Multi-Finish Plastering Services in Brighton is a popular choice with customers, who love the high level of finish this plastering service provides.

Hard Wall Plastering

Hard wall plastering is a specialized style of plastering that involves the application of a thin layer of plaster to interior walls to provide a smooth and neat finish.

We have over 20 years of experience in hard wall plastering and have been providing high standards results for our customers in Brighton, East Sussex for over 10 years.

Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is the process of treating interior walls, ceilings and floors in a home or building with a waterproofing material, which then stops the growth of mould. Damping materials are applied to the surface after which, according to the instructions for each product will stop future growth of mould, helping block moisture from reaching your belongings. We use only products that have been approved for damp proofing in the UK and our prices are very competitive.

Specialist Mouldings

Brighton Plastering Services’s top-quality mouldings and decorative ceilings will leave you awestruck. So many choices to select from, whether it is classic or contemporary. Our extensive range in Brighton includes coving, plaster cornice, panel moulds, corbels, ceiling roses, columns and more. All are made of superior quality materials that guarantee high durability and strength.

Lime Rendering

Lime rendering is a plaster that is formed with natural lime and an aggregate such as sand and/or cement. This lime-based plaster can be applied to the wall and ceilings of both interior and exterior buildings. We are proud to offer the finest lime rendering services in the region.

We always provide you with the best quality work, whether you need rendering on your whole exterior, or just a single room. Our team of skilled masons will deliver all of your requirements on time.

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