Nothing is more frustrating than a poorly plastered wall. The cracking and peeling of plaster, especially in decorative spaces, ruins the look of your home.

If you’ve faced a similar situation, then you know how time-consuming it is to have a good wall plasterer work on your desired date and time.
Brighton Plastering Services perfectly mixes experience and technology to offer the best possible results in a shorter time frame.

Brighton Plastering Services is dedicated to hard wall plastering in Brighton and surrounding regions of East Sussex and West Sussex. Our team of skilled craftsmen work hard creating stunning interior decorations using a variety of techniques that have been tested over many years. Please contact us for more details about our professional services for your home or business.

Our Guarantee

  • upto 30 year guarantee
  • customer focused team
  • 20 years combined experience
  • portfolio of satified customers
  • attention to detail
  • Construction line accreditation
  • public liability insurance
  • CHAS accreditation

Specialist Hard Wall Plastering Services in Brighton

As a specialist hard wall plastering company, we do all aspects of domestic, commercial and industrial plastering works at Brighton Plastering Services. We have both the skills, techniques and resources to handle all aspects of plastering services. We are not only top plastering professionals, but can also take on all construction and development work including floor and loft conversion as well as complete house renovations or repair work.

We are fully qualified and have been handling plastering projects in the region for over 20 years, so we have the expertise and experience to handle any project. We are reliable, clean, neat and honest tradespeople and always work with clients to give them what they want.

Our service is professional, prompt and reliable and we pride ourselves on our reliability in customer care and always getting it right the first time. Our prices are competitive, but also reflect our skill and experience, and all work is fully guaranteed.
Here you get the perfect job done at an affordable price.
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Our Hard Wall Plastering Services

We can carry out all the small to large plastering projects in your house or business. By using high-quality brand name plaster, and using only our experienced professionals, we can prevail in any job, no matter what the size! We can also repair leaks, and water damage to ceilings, remove unwanted Artex and provide repair work on unwanted cracks. Below is a full list of services we can provide:

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Interior Plastering

Skim Coat

A plaster skim coat is a dry installation of a thin plaster coating over your existing finished wall, ceiling or floor surface. It gives the surface a refined look and also helps smooth out any uneven textures or imperfections while improving the overall aesthetics of the surface.

Skim coat is less expensive and time-consuming than true plastering and it provides excellent, smooth texture for walls, ceilings and floors. Our team will work efficiently and effectively to complete the job on time, whether at home or office.


Coving is used to provide a smooth transition between the wall and ceiling and can help to break up the visual impact of a dentil course. On curved ceilings, coving can help to transition from the curve of the ceiling to the straight vertical wall.

Hardwall coving comes in polyurethane which provides an extremely hard-wearing finish ideal for high traffic zones that can be decorated with a wide range of finishes from lime rendering to paint.

Tackling & Dry Lining

Tackling and dry lining can be an excellent way to relieve existing hard walls and ceilings of old coats of plaster or wallpaper, to make way for new interior decorations. It is one of the most widely sought services available today because it not only makes applications like painting or papering much easier, faster, and simpler but also improves the standard of life in a home or environment.

A thick coating of plaster or wallpaper can sometimes drastically reduce the usable space in a room due to its reduced acoustic qualities. The problems can be rectified with tackling, which means that surfaces are stripped down to their bare structure, giving the surface a flatness that is ideal for painting, wallpapering, or the application of other coatings.


At the heart of our plastering services is a process known as screeding. This involves plasterers using stirrups, plug boards and screed boards to create a smooth finish, which then allows for the application of the final layer. We use a mixture of lime and cement to create the finish itself, which sets hard over time, creating a solid and smooth wall or ceiling.

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Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is the procedure of ensuring that your property is virtually watertight with thermal insulation. Brighton Plastering Services’s damp proofing specialists have many years of experience in the field, enabling us to complete whatever damp proofing project you require.

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Dot Dab

A dot and dab wall, also known as a dry lined wall, is a cavity wall (or, in some situations, a solid wall) where plasterboard is bonded to the inner skin of a solid brick or block cavity wall (or, in some cases, a solid wall) with dabs of glue or wooden battens. There is a little gap between the plasterboard and the supporting wall as a result of this.

Plaster Boarding

Plaster boarding is a service that is specific to hard walls, it is one of our plastering services. A new plasterboard is a rigid and flexible wall and ceiling panel that is commonly used in interior walls and ceilings. They have also been increasingly used in exterior wall systems as well, due to their weather-resistant ability. Plaster boards are composed of a synthetic fibre fabric or paper material bonded to a foam backing or honeycomb core using drywall joint compounds.

The panels consist of two layers (sandwiched together), one made with cement and the other providing resistance to fire. This process makes it possible to turn any hard wall surface into a strong and resilient, smooth finish, almost undetectable from its original form, perfect for different forms of decoration.

We have an experienced and versatile team that can successfully handle plaster boarding for your Brighton project, on time and within your budget. Give us a call today on 01273 257877.

Skimming & Re-skimming

Skimming & Re-skimming are processes that are used to smooth the finish of your walls after they have been textured. Our professionals will remove any lumps or bumps off of your walls, along with any rough edges or flakes from the texture. Then our professional texturing team will re-texture the walls for a much smoother finish.

Plaster Patching

The patching process is a cost-effective alternative to the removal of damaged plaster. It is a technique that mixes dried plasters with tools and techniques for the purpose of making smooth coverings for holes in plaster walls, ceilings or timberwork.

Plaster Over Artex

Plaster over Artex is a process that involves covering the existing Artex with Plasterboard and then cutting back the plasterboard to create a clean wall with a durable finish. This allows you to get rid of all of your Artex decors which then lets you have a fresher look – it’s also much easier to decorate as there is no need to hide the Artex behind pictures, etc. Once the plasterboard is in place and cut back, we will apply Plaster Lath & Plaster which will then be papered and painted. We do not recommend painting over the Artex without covering it with plaster so if you want a white painted finish, then covering the Artex with plaster board is required.

Exterior Plastering


One of the biggest changes to the plastering industry came with the introduction of monocouche, and it has proven very popular ever since. Monocouche is one-coat plaster, used for interior and exterior work. The plaster is completely smooth, does not show any joints, is washable and easy to clean, will never shrink or crack, is impervious to moisture, very strong when well applied, and can be finished to produce a variety of decorative effects.

Sand Cement Render

Sand cement render is a material that is applied to the exterior walls of a building, and it is made from concrete mortar and sand. In many cases, this is used in conjunction with traditional stucco, although they can also be used as stand-alone building materials.

Pebble Dash

Pebble Dash is a decorative plastering with an attractive pebbled finish that replicates the look of natural stone without the weight, cost or installation problems associated with real stone. It is made with a resinous based material mixed with aggregates that simulate natural stone.

Being an intumescent product Pebble Dash will shrink when it comes into contact with heat, which makes it suitable for use in cavity wall construction as well as internal applications such as fire surrounds and cladding in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Our Quality Service Guarantees

Brighton Plastering Services team are experts in hard wall plastering, with many years of experience. Along with our competitor’s highest quality techniques, we use the latest equipment to ensure efficiency. Our team is committed to delivering a high standard of workmanship and customer service. We will be able to discuss with you which technique will be most suited to match your needs and budget. Here are our guarantees:

  • We partition walls
  • We provide insulation before plasterboarding
  • All plasterboard is screwed
  • Over-boarding ceilings
  • We remove larvae ceilings and replace (re-board)
  • We work with fireboard and soundboard
  • Backing plasters (bonding and hard wall)
  • Suspended ceilings over concrete joists
  • We always use two coats of multi-finish plastering to a smooth finish (as standard)

Why Choose Brighton Plastering Services Plastering Experts?

Brighton Plastering Services Plastering Experts has been providing plastering services for homeowners in Brighton and the surrounding East Sussex area for more than 20 years. Our services are available for residential and commercial projects in Brighton, East Sussex and for other building contracts. Brighton Plastering Services reputation for excellence has been steadily growing over the years. Now, thousands of satisfied customers can’t wait to recommend our plastering services to their friends, family and neighbours. Below are more reasons to choose our services:

Licensed & Dedicated Staff

All our employees are highly skilled, fully guaranteed, trained and licensed to ensure your project is done right the first time. Dedicated staff will ensure seamless communication quality workmanship and a smooth project flow. Upon meeting, we will discuss your project in detail before beginning work. This is your chance to tell us about any concerns and questions you have so that when we begin, there will be no surprises for either of us.

Top-quality service

Our quality assurance is second to none. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality workmanship along with friendly service. We’re going to make sure everything is completed according to your needs, so you’ll be more than satisfied with your results. The professionals in the team are experienced, thorough, courteous and dependable – they will work quickly and cleanly to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Industry Trust & Experience

The plasterers at Brighton Plastering Services have been providing plastering services in Brighton and Hove for many years, earning us an excellent reputation. We’ve served a range of commercial and residential customers, across the entire city. Our affordable, high-quality plastering services are offered to all areas of Brighton and Hove. Services include; Plaster repairs and exteriors, new plastering, interior finishing and both gypsum or hard wall systems.

Superior Products & Techniques

We know that when it comes to plastering, nothing but the best will do. To that end, our expert team in Brighton only use superior products and high standard techniques for your hard wall plastering requirements. Give us a call today for your free quote.

Health & Safety

Brighton Plastering Services team are trained to take great care over not only the quality of their plastering finish but also the health and safety aspects associated with plastering. Our highly skilled team is fully insured and we make sure that your property is well respected when we carry out any work. We also offer friendly and trustworthy advice and ensure that our client’s health and safety are of paramount importance in our business.

Integrity & Free Initial Consultation

We will always be upfront and honest with you, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation consultation. Our plastering is second to none. There is no job too big or too small, we have carried out work for many private customers and numerous commercial businesses around the city.

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What is a hard wall plaster?

Hardwall Plaster is commonly used as a finishing coat over sand render or concrete in both residential and commercial construction to prepare for painting. When combined with hydrated lime (lime putty), the result is a high-gloss finish that can be waxed to create a decorative look.

What is a hard wall used for?

For medium to high suction backgrounds, it’s employed as an undercoat plaster in two-coat plaster systems.

What is lime plaster used for?

Lime plaster is generally a form of mortar that has been used for centuries to coat the surface of internal walls and ceilings before painting.

What is the purpose of plastering?

Plastering is used to protect the interior walls from damage. It can also be used for finishing or decorative purposes so that the brickwork is not exposed.

What preparation do I need to do before you arrive?

Please ensure that every piece of furniture is removed, and also ensure that we have access to the work area by means of a clear path.

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