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Coving services are a specific way of covering complex ceilings. It involves covering the joints between ceilings and walls with a second layer of plaster to create an extra finish. Use a professional team of plasterers like Brighton Plastering Services if you need reliable coving and crevice plastering services to help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Brighton Plastering Services is one of the highly efficient and professional plastering contractors in Brighton, East Sussex. We have been more than 20 years in the construction industry providing customers all over the East Sussex and West Sussex area with a high level of quality coving installations and various other plastering jobs including external walls rendering.

We understand the damage British weather places on your exterior walls. and we have the cure for you, so don’t worry.

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What is Coving & Cornice?

The term “covings” can also refer to any decorative moulding running around the walls, above and below doors, windows or skirting boards which combine to create a dado rail effect. Coving, other than being purely decorative, helps to disguise cracks caused by building movement and damp in older houses. It can also hide the joint between old and new plaster when extensions are added to existing buildings or floorboards are replaced after subsidence or flood damage.

Our Coving Plastering Services

We can bring new life to your walls or ceiling with our range of plastering treatments that are perfect for feature walls, ceilings and fire surrounds. Our coving services include:

Coving or cornice work

Coving or cornice work is arguably the most striking and enduring of ornamental architectural treatments. It is a decorative treatment where a curved surface transitions between a wall and ceiling. It adds character, elegance and style to any room. We are skilled coving installers with over a decade years experience and can supply and fit a wide range of styles including traditional, victorian, contemporary, art deco & custom coving designs.

Ceiling rose

Ceiling Rose is a decorative ceiling central focal point, that is used to hide the junction of the room walls and the ceiling as well as wiring for electrical light fittings. Our ceilings specialists will supply and fit a wide range of ceiling roses. These include plain plaster ceiling roses, ornate plaster ceiling roses, ornate polyurethane ceiling roses etc.

Picture rail or dado rail

Picture rails, also known as dado rails, are a protective perimeter that is placed around the walls of your home approximately 70-100mm from the top of the wall. They can be used both for decorative purposes and for protecting the walls from damage caused by leaning pictures against them. … The dado rail itself adds a distinctive touch to any house and is both classic and timeless. We can install Dado Rail or Picture Rail in any height or size to accommodate most requirements across Brighton.


Architrave is the casing that covers the junction between the wall and ceiling. As one of many coving plastering services we offer, architrave fitting can be a great way to make your house feel cosier and more welcoming. When we fit the architrave, we use the same quality of materials we would for any other job, including those soundproof doors.

Wall panelling

Wall panelling is a decorative, ornamental and practical way to finish a room. Panels can be decorative or plain but are most commonly used in contemporary and traditional homes because they work so well. They are suitable for all rooms in the house, allowing them to be added to your lounge, hallway and bedroom. The panels can cover any wall without taking up much space. This is perfect for smaller rooms as it makes them seem bigger.

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Plaster coving vs polystyrene coving, which material is best for your next project?

When it comes to adding a finishing touch to any room, plaster coving is often the first choice of homeowners and interior designers. However, with new advanced technologies, it’s never been easier to recreate the look and feel of plaster coving using a polystyrene alternative. In a nutshell, plaster coving is more durable than polystyrene coving and generally easier to use. In addition, the looks are more authentic, particularly since plaster coving will be less likely to look out of place.

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Why Should You Add Coving to Your Home?

Coving can be a subtle but effective way to enhance your home’s interiors and make it feel cosy and original. It’s a popular choice for many homeowners, and you could be one of them. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding coving to your home:

Coving adds style to finish off a room

Coving gives your room a finished, professionally decorated look. It’s an easy way to add class, charm and sophistication to your home without the need for extensive remodelling or improvements. Contact us today for quality workmanship.

Coving makes your room have a traditional and modern look

The coving is a ceiling moulding that gives your room a traditional and modern look, adding elegance to the overall look of your room. It also helps to create dimension while softening the sharp angles and lines between walls and ceilings.

It adds value to your property

If you’re thinking about selling your home, adding a coving to your rooms can add value to your property. This is because coving goes a long way in making the structure of your room look elegant and attractive. Hence, prospective buyers will be willing to pay more for the space to take advantage of the added aesthetic appeal that comes with it.

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Why Choose Brighton Plastering Services For  Your Coving & Crevice Plastering Service in Brighton?

Brighton Plastering Services is Brighton and Hove’s premier plastering company, and we take pride in our professional, reliable and cost-effective plastering services. We offer free quotations with no obligation. Our track record of delivering high-quality workmanship at an affordable price is the reason why we are the number one choice when it comes to coving & crevice plastering services in Brighton Plastering Services and Hove. Here are more reasons more people are choosing our services for their plastering needs:

We are extremely customer-focused

We have a very tidy worker with a caring and considerate approach. All of our work is carried out to the highest standards and we are extremely customer-focused. We offer a full range of plastering services, including coving, traditional cornicing, removing damaged wallpapers and treating hairline cracks as well as many other plastering services.

We have the best public liability insurance for the service

Our public liability insurance ensures that we are ready for any eventuality that may happen when we are conducting our business. Our clients can trust us when it comes to handling their properties with confidence.

We guarantee to use only the best materials available

Our reputations depend on us using the best materials to complete our plastering projects. Therefore, high-quality materials are always used and the results are always second to none.

Brighton Plastering Services plasterers have many years of combined experience

At Brighton Plastering Services, our skilled plasterers have many years of combined experience within the industry. We can cater to a wide range of services within Sussex including Brighton and Hove. From new build plastering to restorative work, we can provide you with excellent results as well as a friendly and reliable service.

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Do you need to remove coving before plastering?

Coving is an ornamented moulding that adorns the corners of rooms and the edges where the ceiling meets the wall. As a rule, you will need to remove coving before you plaster the wall so that it can be re-fitted afterwards, though there are some cases where this is not required.  

Is coving a good idea?

Yes, coving is a good idea. It takes care of the unsightly joint between wall and ceiling and can make any room seem more spacious, elegant and luxurious.

What type of coving is best?

The decorative effect of coving can be enhanced by painting it in a contrasting colour to the wall. When deciding what type to choose it’s good to consider the overall style of room or property, as well as how easy the particular material is to work with.

What is the difference between cornice and coving?

In British English, coving is the wall finish used where walls and ceilings meet. Cornice refers to the elaborate moulding traditionally used in traditional classic architecture (which occupies the same position on the wall but is usually more ornate). So coving is a subset of the cornice.

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