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Our external wall rendering service is a perfect way to give your home or business property a fresh, new look.

This is basically the process of applying a waterproof wall coating to a structure’s outer surfaces. Rendering can also be likened to plastering but for the exterior of a building. This renders the structure weather-proof, graffiti and weather resistant, and long-lasting.

Let the Brighton Plastering Services team of external wall renderers bring the walls of your facility or home back to life with a designer finish that’s affordable and beautiful. Brighton Plastering Services’s external wall rendering solutions are available in conforming and non-conforming scenarios.

We provide a complete range of Rendering solutions, Plastering, Screeding and Partitioning. Our expert team can work on common building structures such as brick, render blocks and cavity walls.

 All of our external rendering solutions are completed on-site by our team of experienced craftsmen and tradesmen. Our staff are fully insured and trained to a high standard which allows us to provide you with a professional, quality service.

We can provide a free quote for any size external wall rendering solutions. Call us now on [01273 257877] to discuss your requirements. We are the Brighton rendering specialists!

Our Guarantee

  • upto 30 year guarantee
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Our External Wall Rendering Services

If you are a homeowner, who wants to have your house’s outer wall rendered by a professional team of exterior wall painters, we offer the following services:

Sand and cement render

Cement render is a traditional building material used for finishing external walls. The render material dries to a stone-like texture, impregnated with lime and other natural ingredients, which creates an exceptionally tough finish, capable of lasting many years if maintained correctly.


Pebbledash is a popular external rendering finish that features a texture, pattern and appearance of naturally broken stone. It is a variation of Rustic rendering, in which very small stone or gravel aggregate is mixed into the render. Because of this, it gives the external walls that look and feel familiar with something you would expect to find in traditional building materials if they were used correctly. It has also been called “roughcast” since it resembles an exterior wall made from coarse aggregate concrete.

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Roughcast rendering is an external wall cladding system made of a lime-based binder, sand and chopped straw. The technique allows for creating a textured, rough look that is not possible with conventional render systems. This soft texture makes it ideal for creating a natural-looking finish in areas where nature is present or where you would like to mimic man-made materials such as brickwork or cobblestone effect.


Tyrolean external wall rendering is a polymer modified render, which leaves a smooth, highly weather resistant and vapour permeable surface. It is applied like traditional rendering, but the polymers in Tyrolean make it self-adhesive and shed rainwater.

The colour of Tyrolean is solid throughout which means it won’t flake and fall off as traditional rendering can. Need this type of rendering? Call Brighton Plastering Services today on 01273 257877. We provide a complete range of rendering solutions.

Spar dash

Spar dash is the name given to a technique that uses structurally insulated panels (Therm-a-Bonded) that are attached to the outermost layers of an external wall so that they sit on a few 45mm battens. The aim of this process is to provide an air cavity between the external render and the insulation membrane, as well as between any interior plasterboard and the thermal insulation.

In a modern building with solid Thermal Brick walls, the Spar dash gives added protection against condensation and allows a better connection between the thermal barrier (up to 25mm) and the insulation layer.

Monocouche and through-coloured render

Monocouche or coloured render is one coat render that can be applied directly over a brick or stone wall and will create an easy maintenance external wall finish. The efficiency of this material allows for the entire wall to be rendered quickly and efficiently giving you a monochromatic surface that once painted will appear in various colours depending on how much water is used in applying the paint. We use a high-quality two-part render containing cement and lime, specifically formulated for external renders that have an added colour pigment to them.

The coloured render will always stay the same colour on your home and it can be painted over if you decide to change the colour of your home in the future.

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Thin coat acrylic and silicone

Acrylic and silicone render have been used for external wall insulation rendering since its invention. This is an external wall insulation product that has the ability to provide a highly weather resistant, durable and energy-efficient finish for years to come. This option is perfect for extenuating circumstances where the internal render services and solution won’t work such as extremely old properties or split level conversions. The silicone will bond to all surfaces and types of plaster, with flexibility being the obvious main benefit over previous methods.

External wall insulating render

Homeowners often decide to insulate their home’s exterior walls to prevent heat loss through the walls, improve energy efficiency and make the home more comfortable. External wall insulating render is the application of a thin layer of cementitious material over an insulation board on a home’s exterior walls.

Unlike other forms of interior wall insulating render, this material is applied only to the exterior. It produces an attractive, weather resistant and low maintenance surface which cuts down on maintenance time and paint costs.

Lime render

Lime render is a mixture of sand, cement and lime, which helps to protect external masonry walls. This type of rendering or plastering can be carried out by a double-rendering process to block leaks through air bricks or renders can be retained if necessary. Most buildings in the UK are built from brick or stone – lime rendering can be used on new builds and also on older properties that have not been rendered before.

There are some great reasons for lime rendering on a building as it can provide insulation and moisture control, as well as give a striking new look to your house or garage with a clean modern finish.

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We Also Offer Rendering Repairs

We make the process seamless, with the best quality and most satisfactory results – ever. We selectively provide render repair services to external walls on both commercial and domestic properties. Rendering can suffer from a variety of issues including; cracks, water penetration and damage render caused by severe weather conditions or years of neglect.

We Also Offer Rendering Repairs

We make the process seamless, with the best quality and most satisfactory results – ever. We selectively provide render repair services to external walls on both commercial and domestic properties. Rendering can suffer from a variety of issues including; cracks, water penetration and damage render caused by severe weather conditions or years of neglect.

We can restore any colour rendering and match existing colours. Whatever rendering project you may need, the result is a seamless and attractive finish that restores and enhances the beauty of your property.

Get a quote today! Let us know your needs, your budget and your timeframe and we will provide you with a simple answer. We provide a complete range of rendering solutions. We look forward to discussing your requirements!

We are extremely customer-focused

We are extremely customer-focused and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Our specialist teams work with you to understand your needs and tailor our solutions to exactly what you are looking for.

We have the best public liability insurance for the service

Choosing Brighton Plastering Services as your specialist rendering company in Brighton will provide you with peace of mind so that you can discuss your project from conception to completion. You’ll get the highest-quality workmanship, flexibility and service along with premium public liability insurance for a professional finish for your projects.

We guarantee to use only the best materials available

Our specialist rendering solutions in Brighton are amongst the best in the local area, and we guarantee to use only the best possible materials available with our industry-leading standards of craftsmanship. We can use the best tools to make your home or business look its best, while still making sure you get good value for your money. For more information on our specialist rendering services, call 01273 257877 today.

Brighton Plastering Services tradesmen have many years of combined experience

Brighton Plastering Services tradesmen have a wealth of knowledge and experience at their disposal. They will advise you on your construction options based on their expertise and take the time to understand your requirements. They are invested in making sure the project meets your needs, no matter how big or small they are. That’s why we offer a full range of specialist rendering services in the Brighton area.

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How long does external render last?

With the modern acrylic or plastic-based renders, expect a job to last anywhere between 20 to 40 years. This can depend on the smoothness of the job and how clean the walls were prior to its application. When done well, they will be highly weather resistant and last for many years.

Why is my render cracking?

Because of the suction from the substrate, employing the wrong render product for the substrate can cause the water to dry up too quickly, creating cracking. Delamination happens when the rendered product fails to adhere — either due to a chemical key or due to suction. This is down to the substrate’s choice of the product.  

How do I stop my render from cracking?

You should not use sand that is devoid of fine material, and if you do, lime should be added to the cement. However, using fibres in the mix, which will take some of the stress of the movement through the material, is one definite way to avoid shrinkage cracks.

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