The old ceilings in your home or business need replacing, but you’re not sure how to go about it. It’s a big job involving the disruption of home-life – mess and noise included. Who do you turn to? How do you choose? What questions do you ask?

As one of the leading firms of ceiling installation specialists in Brighton and Sussex, we understand that getting the right advice is crucial. Our team is on hand to offer you advice, in a friendly and professional manner. We’ll walk you through every step of this big job – from what’s involved in installing ceilings to choosing the best products for your home or business premises.

We also have a team of highly experienced and qualified electricians, plasterers and floor fitter who will work with our ceiling fitters to provide a seamless service that meets all your needs. We’ll put together a costed quotation based on your project specifications then install them quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality standards – guaranteed.

Superior New Ceilings Services & Solutions in Sussex
Brighton Plastering Services are your Suspended Ceiling and Interior Finishing Specialists in Brighton, East Sussex. For the past 20 years, we have delivered high-quality interior plastering and decoration finishes to hundreds of Brighton’s businesses and residences. Over this time we have learned plenty about suspended ceilings design, true craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. Our promise is to uphold these values; you deserve nothing less

Whether you’re after a simple repair or a full suspended ceiling installation, Brighton Plastering Services will get the work done. Our team of experienced installers strive to do our best with each installation we carry out on a property.

We consider each job a work of art and treat all of our customers with the same respect, care and professionalism. Whether you’re shopping for basement installations, general plastering, drywall repairs to foundation repairs, no job is too big or too small for us.
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Our Guarantee

  • upto 30 year guarantee
  • customer focused team
  • 20 years combined experience
  • portfolio of satified customers
  • attention to detail
  • Construction line accreditation
  • public liability insurance
  • CHAS accreditation

Our Services: How We Can Help You

Brighton Plastering Services team will help you with interior wall and ceiling painting and plastering, plumbing, building design, tiling, suspended ceilings, dry-lining, carpentry and general decorating. We offer a wide range of services all undertaken by our experienced and fully trained team. Our services include but are not limited to:

Grid and Tile Ceilings

We are Brighton’s premier supplier, installer and fitter of the suspended grid and tile ceiling. We can supply grids and tiles, pre-finished tiles, fixings, services and accessories, in a range of colours and styles. Our dedicated team of expert surveyors will visit you at your convenience to provide a free no-obligation quotation for your metal grid or tile ceiling. We are accredited with an NHBC builders warranty.
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MF Ceilings

The MF Ceiling System is a concealed metal system for suspended ceilings where no visible joints are required. Our Metal Frame Ceiling Systems are perfect for rooms requiring soundproofing, insulation and a stylish finish. With a range of different sizes available, and specialist fitting services from our team of experts, you will be ahead of the game when it comes to interior finishing. Metal ceiling systems can also be used for loft conversions, shop fronts and many other applications.

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceiling systems are a great way to improve a building’s acoustic performance, by reducing sound transmission through walls and floors. Unlike conventional suspended ceilings, acoustic ceiling systems are specifically designed to absorb sound. They do this by using materials such as metal foil and mineral wool in the ceiling panels themselves.

The system can also be enhanced by adding optional acoustic wall panels which add additional absorption directly opposite the ceiling panels. Acoustic wall panels can offer a wide range of benefits for health care facilities, schools, offices, retail spaces and more.

Fire Rated Ceilings

Fire Rated Ceilings are also known as Sprinklered Ceilings, they are ceiling systems specifically designed to help reduce the spread of fire and smoke and prevent the spread to other areas. Fire Rated Ceilings gives the assurance that your premises have met the government regulations regarding fire safety.

A typical domestic premise has dropped ceilings and these do not meet the standards for fire safety. There are many types of Fire Rated Ceilings systems available to satisfy all budgets, in fact, we can supply them all. Call us today if you need to install a fire rated ceiling in your house.

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Other New Ceilings-Related Services We Provide in Brighton


Partitioning is the ideal solution where flexibility is required in a property to accommodate a growing family or bulky furniture. It achieves this by creating separate, useable spaces from a single large room. It can be applied to large areas such as living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens and to smaller areas such as bathrooms and alcoves. There are many great advantages that partitioning offers; from allowing you to spread out your belongings to adding extra storage, increasing your privacy and more.

Dry Lining

Dry lining is a modern method of applying plasterboard to your walls, which provides all the benefits of traditional wet plastering without the mess, inconvenience, and long wait times. The walls are constructed of gypsum plasterboard or cement board and attached to studs, like any other wall. The main difference is that they are installed in the rooms before they have been plumbed and wired, so the only thing that goes inside the wall cavity is plasterboard or cement board and insulation.


Wall rendering is the process of applying a smooth layer of textured plaster to a wall. This gives value to properties and makes them appear more appealing. This finish has more texture and colour variation than plastered brick and therefore is more decorative and often used in period properties. Wall rendering is considered traditional, and warm and it creates an instant effect.


At Brighton Plastering Services we think inside the box. Our team of highly skilled decorators have years of experience in all areas of interior finishing and are on hand to guarantee you receive the highest standards of quality at all stages of your project. Whether it is wallpaper stripping, painting or plasterer services you require, we can offer a friendly and reliable service in Brighton.

Plastering & Screeding

Brighton Plastering Services is a specialist plastering & screeding trade company in Brighton with over 20 years of experience. We are happy to carry out the majority of plastering work in-house from start to finish, and although we predominantly do external renders we also do blockwork, and internal plastering, which means we can offer an all-around service for your needs. Our plastering services cover all project requirements in Brighton and the South East. With our full-time staff working on all aspects of plastering and screeding, we can offer you a personal touch for all your needs.

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Plaster Mouldings

Plaster Mouldings are a part of the Plastering process that is used to decorate and give your walls a high professional finish. Mouldings come in many forms such as wave cornice, half-round coving, plain coves and skirting all of which have classic and contemporary designs to accentuate every living area. They can be used as a waterproofing method, to hide small building defects, or just as decoration.

Plaster mouldings can be a really great way to add a splash of style to your home and they’re very different from paint because they are permanent. Brighton Plastering Services offers a wide range of mouldings and finishing products; the highest quality is the pinnacle in function, form, style and performance.

Artex Covering

Covering Artex has never been easier! We know what works because we’ve been in this business for over thirty years. In that time, we’ve helped thousands of customers cover their Artex and plaster walls with decorative paints, wallpapers and papers.

Call us today on 01273 257877 if you need plastering over Artex in your home!

Dot & Dab

A dot and dab wall, also known as a dry lined wall, is a cavity wall (or, in some situations, a solid wall) where plasterboard is bonded to the inner skin of a solid brick or block cavity wall (or, in some cases, a solid wall) with dabs of glue or wooden battens. A dot and dab process using the Gyp liner system can either be tape and jointed or finished with a plaster skim. There is a little gap between the plasterboard and the supporting wall as a result of this. Call us today if you need these projects!

Sound Proofing

Sound Proofing is the best way to reduce sound travelling through walls, floors and ceilings. It can prove effective in reducing noise levels from your neighbours, vehicles outside your home, and even outside noise such as traffic or trains. At Brighton Plastering Services, we believe that a home should be a place of relaxation and comfort. We are passionate about interior finishing and we can help you create exactly the type of atmosphere that you want.


Tacking is a process used to add extra protection to your interior walls by placing an extra layer of plasterboard over your existing plasterboard. This process is essential in preventing the coving from being damaged once the skimming and painting have been carried out. We can carry this out for you if needed. It should be completed by a specialist as it is a very professional job that should not be rushed.

Minor & Major Repairs

Are you tired of battling DIY projects that fail and cause even more wear and tear inside your home? We are Brighton Plastering Services, a unique company that has decades of experience in interior finishing, so why not let us take care of quality redecorating work! We can carry out small domestic repairs too, from small holes to new ceilings. Our contractors apply the same standards to repairs and maintenance as we do on major work. Whether it’s a small area or a complete overhaul, you’ll benefit from our idea generation and expertise.

Why Choose Us As Your New Ceiling Experts in Brighton?

A professional and trustworthy service is crucial when tackling any home or office improvement task so as to ensure a successful and enjoyable outcome. The Brighton Plastering Services teams are highly experienced tradesmen and popular choice builders who can help you with all aspect of your new or existing commercial and domestic plastering projects in Brighton and Hove, Sussex.

Brighton Plastering Services  takes your vision into reality, whether you are looking to enhance your home with beautiful, designer ceilings or simply want to finish a renovation project on budget. We are reliable and can take on any job you can think of. We can offer our work in any high standard direction you desire.

From kitchen ceiling to office ceiling, we offer a range of styles and designs suitable for any situation. We have been in the business for years and we are proud of our reputation. We are a family business that values customer satisfaction above everything else. We take care of everything required ensuring all protection around floors and windows /doors. Put us to the test today by calling us on one of our excellent standard rates…or find out how we can save you money! Contact Us On 01273 257877 Or Send Us a Mail At Our Initial Site Visit & Consultation is Free!


Is a suspended ceiling good?

Suspended ceiling is fire-resistant and can provide critical protection in the case of a fire in your building. The tiles used in suspended ceilings are fire retardant, which means they can control fires for up to an hour.

Does vaulting a ceiling add value?

In some markets, especially those with older or smaller homes, vaulted ceilings can add up to 25% to the value of a home. Vaulted ceilings, on the other hand, are a standard feature in higher-end homes. As a result, they are unlikely to add much to the property’s worth.

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