There is nothing worse than a damp patch ruining your living room floor. It is enough to put you off airing the house.

But that’s not all. Regular damp patches lead to mould, and mould can cause respiratory problems for you and your family if it spreads to other rooms. Damp isn’t just smelly and damaging to houses, it can make you ill. Brighton Plastering Services has provided bespoke solutions for years. We specialise in all aspects of water proofing work in Brighton and surrounding areas.

We have built a strong reputation across Brighton and Hove for providing excellent customer service and effective treatments. We undertake damp control for residential and commercial properties. Choosing to work with our Brighton team to solve your damp and property preservation and maintenance problems entitles you to unmatched industry experience Our knowledge and years of experience mean we can identify and provide solutions to damp problems commonly associated with buildings in the Brighton and East Sussex and West Sussex areas.

Our Guarantee

  • upto 30 year guarantee
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  • public liability insurance
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Why Damp Proofing Your Property?

Property dampness is one of the most common causes of structural damage and decay in residential properties in the UK. It can cause everything from mould and mildew to cracked plaster walls and ceilings, peeling paint, rotting woodworm infestations and warped floors. By taking the necessary steps, you can reduce these problems dramatically, prolong the life of your building, and protect your investment.

Types of Damp Proofing Problems & Solutions

There are several different types of dampproofing required to deal with dampness in your home. Different types are suitable for different types of construction and dampness problems. The main principle of all solutions is that they keep an airtight space between the walls and the plasterboard, keeping the water vapour on one side and drywall on the other. If a wall is soundproofed without an air gap, then this could cause condensation problems adding to your list of repairs. Below are common types of damp problems and their solutions:

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is a widespread problem caused by water from the ground breaching the external walls of your property and entering through the base of your windows or around your floors and ceilings. While this can cause long-term structural damage to your building, there are many solutions available to overcome this problem. If you need help, call us and we will explain the solutions available to your individual problem. We are rising dampness specialists in Brighton and Hove, South East Sussex.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp problem can appear in a house for a number of reasons. The most common is lack of ventilation, where damp moisture is drawn into the building by rising warm air which condenses on the wall and ceiling. Penetrating dampness can also occur when rainwater runs down walls, chimneys, guttering or ground around the house.

This particular type of dampness causes unsightly marks on wall, ceilings and fabrics as well as mildew. The damage is not just cosmetic – as mould can thrive in any damp areas causing serious health risks to you, your family and your pets. Get professional help if you have this type of dampness.

Rain Water Penetration

Rainwater penetration is the water that gets into your wall and floors when it rains. Problems start when this rainwater stays in your wall and floors, causing rot and mould and other structural problems in the timber of your house.

This can also cause dampness which often smells bad. Rainwater can also cause problems with electrics, plumbing and decoration because objects get damp which then rust, corrode or mildew.

Our team have been solving damp problems for over 20 years, we know how to identify where the source of dampness is coming from; whether it is caused by rainwater or condensation, we know how to solve it for you – Effectively!


Condensation is the formation of water droplets on surfaces. It occurs when there is a difference between the temperature in a building and the temperature outdoors. If there is an excessive amount of condensation, this may indicate that damp proofing treatment is required or that there are other issues with the construction of your building, such as cavities that allow heat to escape.

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Reclaim Your Property in Brighton with Brighton Plastering Services Damp Expert’s Professional Services

Damp and mould problems are a cause of worry, but no need to worry any longer with the professional services offered by Brighton Plastering Services Damp Expert. Our team of highly-trained experts can not only deal with damp issues to give you complete peace of mind, but they can also provide you with the solutions that bring you better-living conditions and greater convenience in your home.
Some of our damp proofing solutions include;

Basement Waterproofing

Water proofing in Brighton basement is something that nobody likes to think about until it’s too late. Basement waterproofing refers to solutions used to prevent water from reaching the basement or below the floor of buildings. At Brighton Plastering Services Damp Experts, we specialize in basement water proofing and cellar conversions.

We start by taping up the perimeter of where the window and door will be, to prevent water from seeping through. With our top-quality and long-lasting basements/cellars waterproofing products installed properly, the problem is fixed and the job is done.

Call our knowledgeable and friendly staff for professional, impartial advice or to plan a free, no-obligation, damp survey today.

Condensation Control

We offer a number of solutions to help you control the number of condensations in your home. Condensation occurs whenever a warm and humid surface meets a cold surface. It’s one of the leading causes of damage in houses and can lead to dampness, musty odours that take forever to get rid of.

From using a DPC (damp proofing course) and fixing blocked guttering, to improving ventilation and installing ventilation dampers, our expert team here at Brighton Plastering Services can help you to reduce the threat of condensation wherever possible.

Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp is the slow and steady upward movement of moisture through the brickwork by capillary action. Only rising dampness can be cured by the installation of a chemical damp proof course. Brighton Plastering Services Damp Experts can install a new chemical damp proof course to treat rising dampness. Our primary concern is to prevent moisture damage, but we can also help remove existing dampness-related problems on your property. So call us and we can work out a solution to suit you.

Penetrating Damp Treatment

Penetrating Damp Treatment is a spray-on treatment that seals directly into existing damp proofing membranes, blocking moisture from passing through to the exterior. It also blocks damp penetration directly into the walls or floors when used as surface treatment and is a fantastic product for treating infestations of Death Watch Beetle, Woodworm, Barklice, Pillbugs and other wood-boring insects.

Dry Rot Treatment

Our damp proofing systems provide long-lasting protection against the onset of dry rot. The water-based treatment treats all sides of your substrate, excluding the top surface, where treatment is not required. This will prevent water ingress into the substrate and lead to the destruction of timber that supports the property. Our systems are fully compliant with BS 5837 and ISO 105-E01 for structural stability and have a lifetime guarantee.

Wet Rot Treatment

When it comes to damp and wet rot, getting in ahead of the problem is key. Our damp rot treatment experts will be able to ensure that your property isn’t susceptible to future problems with a thorough inspection, followed by a treatment tailored to how your building was constructed.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm infestations are often not noticed until major damage has occurred, but our woodworm eradication services are a great way to ensure your property is protected. We have the expertise to repair them before the infestation causes further damage to your property. We use proven techniques to get rid of your wood boring beetles and protect your home from the damage caused. We will get your home covered!

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Why Choose Brighton Plastering Services Damp Experts?

Our Quality Service Assurance

Looking for a company that you can trust with your damp proofing services? Concerned that you won’t be getting a quality service? At Brighton Plastering Services Damp Experts, we take pride in the services we provide and provide our customers with quality assurance including rising and penetrating dampness, damp patches, condensations, blocked drains, rotting timbers, and cracked render, roofing and structural repairs.

Our damp proofing specialists in Brighton are fully trained and qualified to handle any damp problem you may have. Over 20 years of experience means that all of our specialist contractors are experts in their fields as well as being fully insured, registered and certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBAC) which ensures that they meet the most demanding industry standards to carry out any damp proofing services.

Brighton Plastering Services Damp Experts have helped thousands of customers with their damp proofing requirements for both domestic and commercial properties throughout Brighton & Hove, South East Sussex.

All materials used are from top brands, so you’re getting the best money you can buy too! We also offer guarantees for our work for your peace of mind. These typically range from 10 to 30 years depending on the type of dampness you have.

And as a family run business, rest assured you will always get a personal service.

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What is the best damp proofing method?

When it comes to damp proofing walls with damp proof paint, the best results are obtained by painting the backdrop substrate and then covering it with a render or plaster. This forms a sandwich system that keeps moisture at bay by encasing the damp resistant layer within the wall’s makeup.

How do you test for dampness?

Our surveyors will check for dampness visually as well as with a handheld moisture metre. If the moisture in the walls is higher than it should be, the metre will alert our surveyor. The surveyor will also look at the house’s damp proofing and drainage.

How do you damp-proof an old house?

Install extra air bricks to allow ventilation. Get a professional to carry out a chemical injection DPC or any other retrofitted DPC if required. Use lime-based plasters and renovate plasters rather than cement where possible.

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