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Plastering Services plastering services. We are the experts in traditional and modern Italian plasters for commercial and residential sectors in Brighton.

Plaster finishes have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a soft polished finish over ceramic tiles, laminate or plastic panels.

Brighton Plastering Services are experts in traditional and modern first-class Italian plaster design, providing superb finishes for clients in Brighton and the surrounding East Sussex areas. Specialising in Stucco Plastering trainers, exterior masonry coatings and specialist brushed Venetian with polished plaster interior walls.

Brighton Plastering Services has been using innovative exterior plaster technology to turn old structures into stunning artistic masterpieces. Our experienced team is on hand to take you through the various options of rustic and contemporary plasters in this category, with examples of how they can be used to create different effects. We also provide specialist services such as polished plastering, Venetian plasterings, stucco lustro and marble dust effects. Call us today on 01273 257877 to book a quote!

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Our Italian Plastering Services

We provide a wide range of specialist, professional Italian plastering service in Brighton. If you need any plastering commissions or have a large project that needs some Italian plastering flair, our team of plasterers will be happy to help. Here are our top Italian finishes:

Lucidato Finishes

Our Lucidato finishings are special effects that give the plaster surface a shiny and aesthetic look. Delicate but durable, rich but not arrogant, these Italian finishes are perfect for the modern home.

Intona Classic Finish

With an incredible depth of colour, it is applied in a semi-transparent topcoat to plaster and can be finished in many ways. The rich colour palette is similar to fine Venetian Stucco. Intona Classic Finish will quickly enhance the look of any room, giving endless creative possibilities. With Intona Classic Finish there are no practical issues with unique effects, simply adding up to the perfect wall

Metallic Stucco Finish

A metallic stucco finish gives you a look that is anything but ordinary. It’s an Italian plaster with a European flair. Inspired by the elegance of Italian luxury, our metallic stucco provides a brilliant silvery look to enhance your walls. If you desire something more extravagant than polished Italian plaster but want to keep the traditional hues, this metallic finish might be your ideal choice.

Marmorino Finishes

Sourced in the heart of Italy, our Marmorino walls finishes are a long-standing Venetian tradition. Its velvety finish adds tactility and luxury to your home. Traditionally used to create an ultra-flat matte finish, it can also be burnished or polished to produce subtle colour reflections that vary with the light.

Puntini Verde / Rosso

Our Italian Puntini Verde / Rosso bring the authentic charm of old Tuscany to the walls. This natural pigment plastering technique creates a rustic and weathered look that complements both contemporary and classic styles. The pastel red or green speckled effect may be combined with our limestone plaster for contrast or blended for a uniform tone.

Marmorino Stone Block Work Finish

Our Marmorino Stone Block Work Finish is a lime-based plaster that creates a smooth blockwork finish and gives the effect of ‘split stone’. This textured plaster finish is the perfect blend of a traditional ‘rustic’ finish but with a more contemporary edge. It is made from only the finest Italian products and has been applied to some of the most prestigious projects in the UK.

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Why Use Italian Plastering in Your Home?

The timeless beauty and elegance of Italian Plastering have long been a favourite for homeowners and interior designers. Also called Venetian plaster, this plaster is created from hand-troweled marble dust that yields a marble-like texture with an ultra-smooth surface.

Ideal for walls, ceilings, countertops, and more, this plaster can be tinted to nearly any colour. Here are some of the best reasons to use this plaster over other materials in your home:

Regulates Humidity

One of the best features of Venetian plasterings is that it helps regulate humidity in your home. When stucco becomes moist from humidity, it absorbs moisture from the air. As the weather gets drier, the stucco releases that moisture back into the air; this improves indoor air quality and can keep mould (and dust mites) at bay.

Absorbs CO2

Venetian plastering is one of the most eco-friendly home finishing materials that can be used. It actively absorbs CO2 from the air and also helps to improve home energy efficiency through a very high thermal resistance value.

Mould & Mildew Prevention

The use of Italian plaster in your home can offer numerous benefits, but the most important is that it prevents mould and mildew build-up. Mould and mildew are hazardous to your health when you have an infestation in your home but with the quality of Italian plaster, this will never be a problem for you.

Venetian Plasters are Odourless

Venetian plasters are odourless and non-toxic, which means your family is safe to breathe the air in your home without any worries of harmful fumes from paint or other construction materials.


One of the many benefits of natural Italian plaster is that they are so low maintenance. Low absorption can keep out mould and mildew because less moisture reaches the walls. To clean Venetian plaster, simply use a damp mop or rag to add a nice shine. This type of plaster also does not require regular painting, as it does not absorb paint beyond the topcoat.

They are Toxic-Free

Health is the most important reason to use Venetian plasterings in your home. All Italian non-toxic plaster products contain no formaldehyde, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and no acrylic additives. They are eco-friendly and sustainable, allowing you to breathe easy in living spaces that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Long-lasting and durable, Italian plaster will function as a part of any building to deliver protection from damage and ageing over the years.  Unlike traditional drywall, it offers better water resistance and other benefits that make it more effective at protecting your home.  And it’s also far more attractive than standard plastering options!

Why Choose Brighton Plastering Services Venetian Plastering Service in Brighton?

We offer a wide range of services, from domestic to commercial, residential to industrial projects, our aim is to always provide the very best service we can, each and every time. Here are some good reasons to hire our services:

Our work is of the highest quality

We are a  family business specialising in traditional, modern and contemporary Venetian plastering in Sussex area. Our work is of the highest quality which is why we have so many happy customers. Take a look at our testimonials page to read some reviews from our customers.

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction

Our main objective is to ensure your 100% satisfaction, and our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best service in the industry. We offer all plastering services, including interior and exterior rendering and are fully equipped with the highest quality materials and tools. Contact us today to discuss what your project could be.

We have over 20 years of experience

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping our customers add colour to their homes and offices. We are a family run business so you can be assured we will give you the best prices and excellent service. Our staff is professionally trained and have basic understanding to work with Venetian plastering materials. Venetian plasterings involves applying a thin layer of plaster that is then polished by hand.

We are extremely reliable and professional

We are a professional company and have worked hard to build an excellent reputation in the Sussex area. We offer valuable experience, no matter how large or small the job. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have hundreds of satisfied customers. This can be seen by all our positive reviews. It means that you can be confident that we’ll love working on your job just as much as you love your new plasterwork.

We cover all Brighton and Hove as well as surrounding East Sussex

We are the leading Italian plaster based in Brighton and our professional team offer services throughout the region, including Portslade, Hove, Rottingdean, Peacehaven and Woodingdean, Seaford, Newhaven, Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs. We also travel across East Sussex to provide interior plastering work.

Domestic or commercial – we do it all!

Whether it’s your home, business or commercial project, our domestic and commercial plasterings service in East Sussex are second to none. We can provide extremely unique and first class services. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have the skill and expertise to provide the revolutionary interior design within your budget and time frame.

Call us now! You can reach us at 01273 257877 or send us an email at if you have any questions about our services, free quotation or would like to arrange a visit from one of our experts!


Is Venetian plaster cheaper than tiles?

Venetian plaster is usually more expensive than tiles, but it is more of an investment as it lasts longer and increases the value of your home. Tiles need to be replaced, whereas plaster doesn’t break off with foot traffic or age in the same way other walls finishes do. You can also add gold or silver leaf flakes to your plaster finish for an extra touch of luxury.

Can you apply Venetian plaster over drywall?

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that you’ll have to skim coat the whole thing. This means after applying a scratch coat, you’ll have to apply a ‘skim’ coat over it with drywall compound and sand smooth.

What is marmorino plaster?

Marmorino plaster is a mixture of slaked lime, marble dust and water. It is a Venetian walls finish that has been used in Europe for hundreds of years and provides a depth and texture not seen with paint. Great for homes that have imperfect walls or clients that don’t want to see every flaw, this finish will hide imperfections due to the way the light hits the surface.

Is Venetian plaster OK in bathrooms?

Venetian plaster is one of the greenest walls treatment options suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and areas prone to getting wet on a daily basis. It uses versatile and durable materials such as lime, cement, and sand which prevents moisture from accumulating inside the walls finish.

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