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We provide advanced solutions and inspiration for all wall treatments utilising superior Venetian plaster, stucco plaster, and polished marble plaster materials, allowing you to choose from a broad range of designs.

We can help you upgrade your commercial, residential, and retail spaces with our experienced craftsmanship. Whether you want to give a space a new look or add a dash of personality, our qualified and highly experienced crew can help.

When creating and handcrafting polished plaster, we use cutting-edge technology and can tailor the look to your exact specifications, ensuring that your room has a distinctive polished plaster finish.

No job too small. We provide the finest quality plastering services in Brighton and Hove. We are a friendly, reliable and expert business that takes pride in providing an efficient service.

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Why Use a Venetian Plaster?

There are numerous advantages to using a Venetian Plaster. The rich, warm effect differs from the paint and adds a distinctive design element to any room. Below are areas where it is popularly used:

The bedroom

Venetian plaster is a wonderful addition to the bedroom. Its soft, subtle and muted tones are perfect for creating both a calming and relaxing environment in the bedroom. Its natural colours and material will absorb light beautifully in the bedroom, which creates a calming ambience.

The living room

It helps add an elegant finishing touch to your living room. Its mottled, multidimensional effect works especially well on a fireplace or other focal point in the home. Choose from traditional white plasters for a sophisticated look that pairs nicely with any colour scheme, or opt for darker colours such as black or red for a more dramatic, modern look.

The bathroom

Venetian plaste is often used in bathrooms, especially those with a rustic or classic look. It’s an ideal choice for country-style homes because its texture will give any wetroom or shower a more natural feel. Use it on an entire surface, or as an accent by applying it to one wall and painting the other three in pastel colours.
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Our Venetian Finishes

When it comes to Venetian marble plaster, there are many different types of finishes available. Each is lovingly handcrafted to perfectly fit your interior design. Below are the most popular Venetian marble plaster finishes:a

Classic Marmorino

Marmorino is a type of traditional Italian stucco. This is your traditional Italian classic finish; you have the option of having it mirror polished or semi-polished, which will highlight more detail in the work.


This is water-resistant and suitable for use in wetrooms and showers. To create that seamless effect, it’s elegant, sophisticated, and versatile.


Concrete can be finished in a variety of ways, ranging from extremely rough and grainy to smooth, with or without wax or sealants.


Metallics can be found in various numbers. These finishes are ideal for bringing a little glitz and glam into your home or property.

Natural Travertino

Natural Travertino is an eco-friendly, high-grain, trowel-applied stone that is appropriate for both commercial and residential uses.

Oxidation (Rust)

(Industrial look)

There are a few types of Oxidation, Rust which is a product we use called Ironic, there are many types of effects we can use with this.

Oxidation Verderame

This is another style of oxidation that mimics a copper effect, using two tones of blue and green to get the desired effect balance.


Fazenda is a popular marmorino finish with a lot of texture that can be burnished or unburnished with R-Stone Rosso colours.

Calce Cruda

Calce Cruda is a natural-feeling micro-porous ornamental coating. It’s made out of a well-balanced mix of hydrated lime and purified clay that allows for good workability. Calce Cruda’s combination of lime and clay is a new concept that has already received positive feedback.


If you have a company logo that you’d want to incorporate into a wall design, simply let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Other designs and styles, ranging from Italian tiles to Indian damask, are also available. Stencils can also be used to sculpt finishes and create unlimited textures and patterns, allowing artists to express their creativity.


This is a traditional Moroccan finish that originated in Marrakesh. It has a smooth, somewhat gleaming appearance and is increasingly being utilised as a water repellent alternative to tiling in wet areas, showers, and kitchens. Tadelakt is a tough, water-resistant material that is nonetheless breathable.
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What is Venetian marble plastering?

This is an artistic plastering technique, once popular in Venice. It uses different materials to create original effects. Venetian marble plastering brings the look of natural stone to surfaces with a seamless finish in diverse textures and colours.

Can you use Venetian plaster on a shower wall?

Sure can! It is waterproof, so it’s a great option for any area that is subject to moisture. In applications like bathroom or shower walls that have a higher risk of moisture exposure, we recommend two coats of wax with one coat of sealer.

Is it cheaper than tile?

The idea behind this type of plaster is that it looks like real stone and is cheaper to install than tile. It also takes less time – about a day for installation as opposed to several days for traditional tile installation.

Can you apply it over drywall?

While in its traditional form, it mixes are still available, they must be applied over porous surfaces. Modern Venetian plasters contain polymers that adhere to well-prepared drywall. Although mastering the technique takes a bit of practice, the steps are not inherently difficult.

How is it different from stucco?

Venetian Plaster is a unique blend of marble powder & lime putty. It is applied in thin layers and polished to a smooth, highly reflective finish. Stucco is a more opaque mixture of cement and sand that can be applied thickly to the surface. The finishes are completely different.

How is it different from regular plaster?

There are no aggregates in it or lime plaster, which sets it apart from other plasters. Aggregates such as marble, granite, and glass are used in Tadelakt and Marmorino, for example.

Can it be used on the exterior?

It can be applied to any indoor or outdoor wall surface, even if it has been painted or coated with synthetic coatings, as long as it is firm, sound, and free of damp.

Can you paint over it?

Yes, you can if you do the surface preparation correctly. The reason is that smooth Venetian plaster has transparency, depth, and a glass-smooth texture. Note: Call a professional to help in covering roughly textured Venetian plaster to avoid damaging the walls.

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