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What Are Architectural Plaster Mouldings?

Architectural plaster mouldings are what you’ll find on historically significant buildings. These mouldings came about during the Victorian era and continue to show up in styles from around the world to this day.

Decorative architectural plaster mouldings add definition and interest to a room and help define areas such as stairs, doorways and fireplaces, as well as border other areas. In some instances, plaster lath is attached to the wall with plaster compound, then moulding is cut from the lath. This decorative technique is commonly used in restaurants, offices and living rooms.

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What We Do

When it comes to giving your room a feeling of depth, beauty and excitement, architectural plasters are what you’re after. Nothing shows off an interior like some gorgeous plaster mouldings. A selection that includes a Cornice, Ceiling Roses and medallions will create a true masterpiece in any room.

If you are looking for a cost-effective plaster moulding that will give a great look to your house, then let our company provide you with the plastering services you need. Below are the plaster moulding services we provide in Brighton, East Sussex and West Sussex.

Cornice Work

Cornice work is similar to crown moulding and comes in several different profiles. It creates a finished, professional look on all types of ceilings. Cornices are generally divided into three style categories, depending on the way they are installed. Cornice bracket type, being the most popular, supports (brackets) the cornices on milled brackets attached to wooden ceiling joists.

The cornice might be hung from moulded corbels which are supported by top plates that are on masonry walls by a row of corbelled brick courses. In a horizontal cornice system, the floor blocking may simply be fastened to the joists or carried by large wooden brackets fastened directly to the face of the masonry wall. A continuous cornice uses two or more large mouldings formed in one long curve, moulded with a projection called a cyma reversa.

Plaques & Overdoors

Plaques and overdoors are architectural moulding designs that are framed to create a strong attractive finish. Each design is carved into wood or plaster before being attached to a wall or mantle. We have available a large number of designs including Art Deco and Classical, as well as more modern styles such as Mission and Craftsman.

They can be made out of wood, acrylic, stone or a combination of different materials. Our moulders use traditional tools to achieve the same look as 18th-century plasterwork – which makes many people nowadays quite eager to have it in their own homes.

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Dado & Architrave

Finishing touches to a room should be both functional and fashionable. Dado is a classical term for the frame of the inside of a door, including its sides, top, moulding and railings. Also known as dados, they define the finish of a wall used to portray a hidden shelf. Architrave is a panel under the cornice or an entablature (uppermost broad division/member) at each end of the building. It is an architectural element that serves as support to the windows above it.

Panel Moulds & Corners

Panel moulds and corners are a relatively affordable alternative to the more traditional architectural plaster mouldings that require masonry skills and craftsmanship. They are used to create the appearance of 2D decorative plaster mouldings on walls and ceilings. The panels are easily installed with standard installation techniques and do not require any special tools or materials.

Plasters & Archways

Archways are a timeless addition to any home or office. They are created by using plaster mouldings and they offer a vast variety of options. An archway can be used as a feature in your home, which is great for any room where you want to stand out in an artistic way.

Fire Surrounds

Fire Surrounds are a traditional alternative to brick or stone fireplaces. They are highly ornate mouldings used to conceal the hard-wearing brickwork infill of a fireplace, and can be designed as standalone pieces, or can be matched with house architecture to form part of a more elaborate scheme including Cornices and Mantels.

Our team of expert craftsmen specialise in the creation of custom Fire Surrounds made entirely from plaster, which offers substantially more durability than standard wallpaper designs, whilst still being able to offer an immense level of detail and finish rarely seen in modern Home Interiors.

Ceiling & Centrepieces

Ceiling mouldings are used to cover the exposed ceiling area in your living room, dining room or kitchen. Centrepiece mouldings can be installed along with a skirting board or mantelpiece to provide a clean finish to your wall decor. Whether you choose a flat decorative finish, a carved style or any one of our other styles of the ceiling and centrepiece moulding, you will be adding plenty of class and elegance to your home interior with our skilled services from Imperial Plaster Craftsmen.

Corbels & Up-lighters

Corbels and up-lighters are architectural mouldings used to enhance the appearance of a building and give your property that unique look. These mouldings are generally in the form of semicircular or triangular shapes, these shapes come in many different designs and sizes. Corbels are attached to a structure, such as your ceiling, where they act as a support for overhanging parts of the structure. This is often combined with an up-lighter which is designed to direct light upwards at 90° angles.

Columns & Capitols

Columns and capitols are all about adding detail and architectural distinction to a building. The columns on a building can affect the window sills, the top trim itself (if there is one), and even the style of windows or top dormers. Capitols can be used for flat roofs and should not be used for gabled roofs.

The design of a capitol can be an appealing focal point, but the purpose is to shed rainwater from the roof properly. As with any speciality architectural mouldings, both columns & capitols are best applied by experienced professionals with experience in this kind of work. Call us today if you need this service.

Plinths & Skirtings

Plinths and Skirtings are an architectural finishing for around doors and windows. They are normally used to make exterior doorways look grander. Skirtings only go around the bottom of a window and can be made from a wide range of materials from scrap wood to painted plaster. Plinths are, on the other hand, normally made from solid wood and can be made thinner in-depth than skirtings. Plinths go around the entirety of the exterior window frame and add not only protection but make them look more finished as well

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What is the difference between coving and cornice?

A cornice is a term used to describe moulding that is used to hide the joint between the wall and the ceiling. Coving is a term used to describe a sort of Cornice that has a consistent profile.

What is decorative ceiling plaster called?

Decorative plaster, often known as ‘plasterwork’ or ‘carved plaster,’ is a centuries-old technique that involves sculpting decorative components directly onto an interior or exterior wall or surface using durable plaster.

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