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What is Screed?

Screed is a cement mixture used to create flat sheet floors, such as garage floors and basements. Screed is most commonly installed by pouring it in a thin layer (approximately 12mm or half an inch) over the floor slab. With each pass of the cement floor screed, more material is spread creating a smoother finish and levelling out any high spots in the floor on which it is deposited.

Types of Screed We Offer At Brighton Plastering Services

We offer various types of screed products to our customers in different applications. Our main products include Polymer Sand Screed, Thermosetting Screed, Expansive Screed, Flexible Pavement (Lightweight Basement) and Veneer Base with all existing specifications as per national standards.

Standard Screeds

Brighton Plastering Services offer standard screeds for almost all domestic projects. Standard screeds are ideal for both lay and finish flooring. Fast-drying times allow you to get your building back up and running in no time at all. Made from a five-to-one sand cement mix, standard screeds are perfect for any domestic hard flooring project.

Fibre Reinforced Screed

The Fibre Reinforced Screed is a product that provides utmost strength and rigidity, whilst also allowing the floor to be installed quickly. Since its composition is mainly fibres and not sand and cement, the screed will set hard at a rate of roughly 1mm/day rather than 2mm/day. This makes it an ideal screed for use with underfloor heating systems as well as general domestic projects where the thermal shock is an issue.

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Fast Drying and Advanced Drying Screeds

If you want your project is done within a few days and not weeks, an advanced screed may be what you are seeking. The floor screeding process is the same as for the standard screed, depending on the aggregates used, but the drying rate can be up to 7mm/day or even more. They are fibre reinforced, suitable for a wide range of flooring projects and available in different thicknesses.

Polymer Screeds

Polymer screeds are a hard-wearing type of concrete floor screed. Setting times and strengths vary depending on the manufacturer, however, generally speaking, they provide a level of strength closer to a concrete slab but with a thinner profile in comparison.

Industrial and Heavy Duty Screed

For long-lasting strength and durability, industrial screeds are built using heavy-duty materials. This type of screed can be used for almost any application where there is heavy traffic or high weight loads on the floor base.

Self-Levelling or Liquid Screeds

Self-levelling or liquid screed can be used to provide a high-quality finish with the smoothest possible surface. Used mainly to produce a smooth, level floor over a poor or damaged substrate, and it can allow any type of flooring material to be used. It is also used in the construction of suspended floors, where a thicker mixture is required for strength.
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Why Screed a Floor?

It helps to achieve flat surfaces

Many people feel that the purpose of screeding is only for floor preparation for finishing. This is only part of it. There is an underlying reason and that is to achieve flat surfaces in the floor or floor decking system. Screeding usually takes place after you install underfloor heating system and before the final coating. It can be done with a floor screed/steel float, gypsum boards and a screed extension.

It covers underfloor heating systems

Screeding a floor is a great way to cover underfloor heating systems and give you a nice, even foundation for the installation of your flooring. A self-levelling screed is important for keeping the underfloor heating installations straight as it’s being laid, as well as providing a basic level floor once finished and helping to keep your energy bills low.

Why Choose Brighton Plastering Services Screeding Services in Brighton?

Upgrading your property with Brighton Plastering Services’s expert screeding services in Brighton is the fast and easy way to create a new space that you can really make your own. Whichever service you choose, from regular maintenance screeding to decorative screeding, we’ll transform your hard surfaces into something stunning.

Our qualified tradesmen will do all the hard work for you, and leave you feeling confident that your beautiful new floors will last.

Without screeding, current flooring won’t always blend neatly into new flooring materials, leaving unsightly gaps between the old and the new. By filling these gaps with an aesthetically pleasing layer screed, we can create a seamless surface with any other neccessary building works that will impress any visitor. That is quality workmanship at competitive prices. We can also help you determine what type of flooring would be most appropriate for your home and lifestyle.

So choose our screeding company today for high quality screeding, insulation and underfloor heating solutions. We can exceed your expectations through quality service and installation.

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Is screed waterproof?

Yes. Screed is waterproof, but to avoid problems it is recommended that the floor be covered prior to finishing and that the screed is allowed to dry for a couple of hours before applying an initial coat of plaster.

Does screed level a floor?

Screed helps in floor levelling by offering a smooth surface to seal and create a rigid substrate. It is used while laying concrete floors and can be used in external as well as internal applications.

Which screed is better for underfloor heating?

Self-levelling screeds, if correctly applied, will have a quicker drying/curing time than traditional screeds. Most screeds are applied as floating screeds as this is most practical for placing on top of underfloor heating and insulation solutions.

What is the difference between screed and concrete?

The difference between concrete and screed lies in their function: concrete is used for strength, whereas screed is used to finish floors as a top layer.

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