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Our Guarantee

  • upto 30 year guarantee
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What Is Lime Rendering?

Lime rendering is a plaster that is formed with natural lime and an aggregate such as sand and/or cement. This lime-based plaster can be applied to walls and ceilings of both interior and exterior buildings. One or two base coatings and a finish coat are commonly used to apply lime render.

Although lime and sand can be mixed on-site, most lime renderings that we supply is pre-blended with additives for increased durability and application convenience.

Our Lime Rendering Services

We are proud to offer the finest lime rendering services in the region. We always provide you with the best quality work, whether you need rendering on your whole exterior, or just a single room. Our team of skilled masons will deliver all of your requirements on time. Our services include:

Internal Lime Rendering/Plastering

Internal lime rendering or plastering is a traditional and natural form of interior wall finishing for residential or commercial properties. It is basically the process of applying hydraulic lime render to internal, drywalls and floors. The resulting finish is smooth, hardwearing and attractive. It dates back hundreds of years, becoming widely used during the industrial revolution as an energy-efficient way to insulate buildings from extreme temperatures, – due to its breathable nature.

External Lime Rendering/Plastering

External lime rendering is a process whereby the brickwork of a structure is coated with a lime-based render. This material helps to protect the brickwork, keep it waterproof and can improve its appearance. Lime rendering can also be used to create decorative finishes.

Types of Lime Rendering We Offer

AtBrighton Plastering Services, we offer a variety of lime rendering solutions, whether you are working on a new house or just want to give your house a facelift we have a solution for you! From the traditional look of Roman Stucco to the easy application and long-lasting results of our Lux Render, our advanced materials offer competitive prices and excellent results.

Lux Render

Lux Render is a natural-coloured pure lime render with a delicate texture and patina. One or two base coats and a final coat are applied on brick, stone, or flint. Brighton Plastering Services Lux Render is a natural hydraulic lime-based premixed render. Lux Render is a pure lime render finish coat that is exceptionally breathable, elastic, and salt resistant. Lux Render is appropriate for ancient buildings because it is designed to be applied over Duro or Ultra natural hydraulic lime-based coatings.


Two-coat blockwork renders for new construction. This two-coat new-build render is easy to apply, durable and comes in a variety of natural colours with a delicate texture and patina.

TRADIREND is a finish coat that comes in a variety of colours. Applied in a single 5mm coat. For improved durability and a more consistent finish in rainy weather, Tradirend sheds the majority of precipitation. Lux, which comes with a 2mm comparatively coarse aggregate, is recommended for a finer finish.
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Roman Stucco

Traditional Roman Cement render can be repaired or replaced with Roman Stucco. Available in a variety of browns to compliment the natural colour and patina of old Roman Cement render. Burning limestone in a conventional kiln produces natural cement. Stucco from the Roman era is breathable, long-lasting, and moderately strong. It has a fast early set time and low shrinkage, making it suitable for running cornices where thick layers of material can be placed in a single day.


Ecomortar is a natural hydraulic lime-based pre-blended lime render with a natural patina in a variety of colours. When mimicking stone, it is frequently offered in exceptionally fine texture for ashlar lines.


A new one-coat render for blockwork, featuring lightweight aerated blocks, for new construction. This render is intended to be a technological monocouche, yet it still has the appearance of a natural lime product with a faint natural patina. A variety of colours are available.

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Our Guarantees: Why Our Services Stand Out

Brighton Plastering Services lime rendering services in Brighton and the surrounding areas are second to none. Our guarantee includes, but is not limited to:

Superior client communication

At Brighton Plastering Services, it is important to us that our clients not only understand what they are paying for but also how we intend to provide it. Our representatives make themselves available for one-on-one client consultations. In your meeting, you will receive a plan for the project’s design and implementation as well as a breakdown of costs before work on your project begins. This means no surprises once construction begins in your home— and more importantly, no worries about whether or not we’ll stick to the budget.

No obligation quotes

We’ll come to you, wherever you are in Brighton to view your project, There’s no obligation. Our quotes are based upon your requirements – and only if you select our services we’ll then share with you a fully detailed written quotation.

Personalised service from experienced staff

We will use our many years of extensive experience to find you the most cost-effective solutions to your rendering needs and get your project underway. Brighton Plastering Services is dedicated to ensuring high-quality workmanship with our experienced and qualified in-house site management team and our dedicated team of renderers who are professional, fully qualified, experienced and CSCS registered to deliver a first-class rendering service.

You can be confident that we will get the work done on time, with minimum inconvenience and disruption, every time. Our extensive knowledge of the construction industry, coupled with our commitment to high standards ensures that all residential or commercial projects are finished on time and to a high standard.

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Quality materials and a full guarantee

We use the finest materials and high-class surface finishes in our rendering services to ensure your property will look good. Our guarantee is simple. Our handy team tradesmen carry all the tools, screws and fixings needed for the job. We maintain a high quality guarantee against staining, discolouration and cracking. If they do occur, we’ll re-render the affected areas free of charge.

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What is lime render used for?

Lime render is a versatile building material used to line interior and exterior walls. In regards to exterior use, lime render is applied directly over block work or stone and serves multiple purposes. Protective: Lime renders protect brick or stone from water damage due to frost expansion and freezing.. Waterproofing: When used correctly, lime renders keep the moisture inside your home rather than allowing it to escape. Decorative:   When used correctly, lime renders can create an attractive finish on the outside of your home that resists mould, mildew and water damage.

How long does lime render last?

Lime render is stable and durable but not infinitely long-lasting, generally, it will last for 25 to 50 years. However the durability of lime renders depends on the quality of the render, how well it has been applied, whether it has been properly maintained and what condition the substrate is in (but if in good condition, a good lime render can last for up to 100 years.)

What is the mix for lime render?

Lime renders are made of lime putty and sand. The ratio is generally 1:3 lime render to sand. Lime putty, also called hydraulic lime or builder’s lime or even plasterer’s lime (but never cement), should be mixed with sand, which can be any kind of natural sand without a high silica content.

Is lime render waterproof?

Yes. Lime rendering is a waterproof plaster made from lime and sand. It is made into a skim coat layer on the exterior of brick, stone or stucco houses. This surface binds the brick or stucco to the interior of the wall, stopping moisture penetration and creating a smooth, firm surface.

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